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Zoho Tax Solutions provides audit, accounting, and assurance services to the public sector, not for profit organizations, privately held businesses, and public companies trading in both Canada and the United States. Our firm works closely with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), following the most recent assurance and accounting standards, ensuring your business receives the highest quality auditing services and consultations on audit procedures.

Our Services:
> Review
> Compilation
> Training
> Report preparation
> Internal control reviews
> Financial analyses
> Cash flow budgeting
> Audit
> Audit planning
> Audit review
> Assurance

Zoho Tax

Tax Services

Taxes in their various forms account for one of the single largest expenses of every business and business owner in Canada. Zoho Tax Solutions' trusted tax advisors expertly integrate the tax situation of a business with that of its owners to maximize tax-planning opportunities and ensure the minimum amount required by law is paid. Our advisors work hard to capitalize on all available business tax deductions available to your organization. Our dedicated team of trusted tax accountants and professionals bring their experience and expertise to every decision, ensuring you get value out of our tax services.

At Zoho Tax Solutions we offer a wide range of tax services based on your unique needs. Smart decision making is a part of our DNA and our knowledgable tax accountants can help you make smart tax decisions. From income taxes, tax planning to corporate taxes, our experts will provide the best tax solutions for you and your business. With our personalized tax services and friendly staff, we will help you with all the tax services you require. 

Maximizing tax opportunities means optimizing your tax position.

Navigating corporate tax laws in Canada can be daunting, especially when it's not planned. Changing regulations in the tax landscape can put your business' tax compliance at risk. At Zoho Tax Solutions we understand that every business is unique, whether you are large corporation, a small business owner, or self-employed, our Corporate Tax Accountants will work to ensure you get the best tax solutions, identifying opportunities that will maximize your business' tax return.

We offer a wide variety of personal tax services including income tax preparation, property tax services, and more. Filling your personal taxes on your own can be a complicated process and you can often miss opportunities. We also understand that business owners have their personal taxes and corporate taxes connected, which makes the process even more complex. Our tax accountants have the knowledge and experience to integrate both personal and corporate taxes in order to maximize your tax opportunities.

> Tax planning and succession planning
> Estate planning
> Global mobility services
> SR&ED/business tax incentives
> Income tax compliance
> Corporate reorganizations, purchases, and sales
> U.S. and non-resident tax compliance
> Commodity tax compliance and planning
> Tax authority dispute resolution
> Real-estate acquisitions and development
> Executive compensation planning


Keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Zoho Tax Solutions has the unique capability of handling a vast array of financial advisory needs for businesses from diverse industries. Our experts are well versed in the challenges unique to privately held businesses, public companies, not for profit organizations, Indigenous enterprises, and public sector organizations. We are immersed in the most up-to-date best practices and apply these to ensure your business is successful.
Zoho Tax Solutions provides the best financial services in Canada. We want your business to thrive, so you never have to worry about critical financial needs, financial ratios, or financial accounting systems for your company. With years of consulting experience on financial analysis techniques and financial performance tools, you will always see the clearest picture of the financial state of your company, the areas of improvement, and how to seize the best financial methods to stay innovative.

Our Services:

> Financial planning and analysis
> Financial reporting
> Financial statement analysis
> Bookkeeping
> Forensic accounting
> Cost management systems 

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